More than just wine: The Bortolomiol sisters launch a land art project focused on female artists


More than just wine: The Bortolomiol sisters launch a land art project focused on female artists

29 March 2019

Bortolomiol Winery is one the premier Prosecco producers in the esteemed Conegliano-Valdobbiadene valley. Led by the founder’s four daughter, Bortolomiol has a definitive feminine approach to the wine business. They focus on a holistic experience, ensuring that sustainability extends beyond the vineyards, and into the social initiatives the winery leads. Which is why this year, they are launching a land art project at Parco della Filandetta.

Parco della Filandetta 

bortolomiol land art Parco della Filandetta, Bortolomiol, Veneto.

Nestled in the hills of Valdobbiadene, the Parco della Filandetta (Filandetta Park) is a nature reserve that houses the winery, an organic Glera vineyard, a Greek-style stone amphitheatre, and the “La Filanda” tasting room. It is a stunning mixed indoor and outdoor space that is the centre of all of Bortolomiol’s hospitality. The park aims to be an important place for the promotion of arts and culture in the Valdobbiadene area.


The Bortolomiol Sisters, Bortolomiol, Veneto.

The Parco della Filandetta is also a key part of Bortolomiol’s sustainability initiatives. As directed by their code, the winery works hard to ensure that all of their actions are both environmentally and socially sustainable. Under the direction of the four Bortolomiol sisters, who continue to expand upon the ambitions of their father, the winery has undertaken many initiatives that promote women in the workplace and abroad. Which is why their newest initiative is putting women front-and-centre.

Land Art & Artist Residency

The stunning Valdobbiadene territory, Bortolomiol, Veneto.

In keeping with expanding upon the growth of the Parco della Filandetta as a cultural centre in Valdobbiadene, Bortolomiol is installing a new land art project. This installation will be featured in the park with the aim of continually sparking a conversation about the environment and gender issues. The artist for this project has yet to be chosen since the winery currently has an open call for female artists from around the world. Bortolomiol will host a twenty-day artist residency for one female artist from anywhere in the world, based on their proposal for an evocative piece of land art that can fit the natural, environmental, and feminine context of the park. The chosen artist will be able to live in a quaint cottage on site and will be able to present her work with an unveiling event in May or June.
See the Parco della Filandetta and this original work of art with a bespoke Prosecco wine tour at Bortolomiol.