The secret of success for Ceretto in Piedmont is owed to the exceptional soil and climate of the Langhe and the proprietors’ passion and wisdom to capture this quality in the wine.

Riccardo Ceretto understood this in the 1930s when he began making wine. His sons Bruno and Marcello completed their father’s vision when they purchased vineyards in what are today some of the most celebrated zones of Barolo and Barbaresco.

In the winery’s three estates — Monsordo Bernardina in Alba, Bricco Rocche in Castiglione Falletto, and Bricco Asili in Barbaresco — Ceretto produces the great Barolo and Barbaresco wines, the flagships of their production, along with other labels such as white Langhe Arneis Blangé and high-quality Moscato.

The year 2000 was a turning point for Ceretto. They began switching to sustainable practices in the vineyards and the cellar, as well beginning many new projects, including hazelnut production with Relanghe, wine imports with Terroirs and a collaboration with Enrico Crippa, the 3 Michelin-starred chef of Piazza Duomo and its bistro La Piola in Alba. In 2000, the Bricco Rocche winery commissioned a modern design addition known as The Cube, a transparent and frameless glass cube overlooking the vineyards.

Then, in 2009, The Grape was built at the Monsordo Bernardina winery, a transparent bubble that appears suspended over the vineyards and is open for wine tastings, events, conferences, and more.

Many wine travellers have also seen Ceretto’s bright, multicoloured Chapel in the middle of their vineyards, painted by artists Sol LeWitt and David Tremlett.


Barolo Docg Bricco Rocche

Winery visits and wine tastings

Winery Tour

Ceretto’s four different experiences open up the world of the Langhe to each and every guest in an educational yet very fun way. The view from their private tasting rooms, an outdoor terrace and The Grape will take your breath away.

Tours & Tastings

Recommended for those who are experiencing the Langhe and Ceretto world for the first time.
The visit takes you through the history of the family and the different wines produced while walking through the Estate, the old cellar and the panoramic Acino (meaning grape in Italian). Includes a flight of 4 selected DOC and DOCG wines from the Ceretto Winery.
Price: € 30,00 per person
Duration: 1 hour

A visit for those who seek deeper knowledge about the different expressions of  Nebbiolo.
The visit takes you through the history of the family and the different wines produced while walking through the Estate, the old cellar and the panoramic Acino (meaning grape in Italian). Climb the ladder of Nebbiolo; its growing areas, vineyards and styles. It will leave you with a better understanding of this nuanced variety. A tasting of 5 different Nebbiolo wines from Ceretto winery including two of our most representative single vineyards/cru’s.
Price: € 55,00 per person (group tour)
€ 80,00 per person (private tour)
Duration: 1.5 hours

An educational visit dedicated to wine lovers and connoisseurs.
An experience of the history of the family and the different wines produced, with a focus on the single vineyard/crus of Barolo and Barbaresco. Walk through the Estate, the old cellar and the panoramic Acino (meaning grape in Italian). This immersive Ceretto experience will leave you with great knowledge of some of the world’s most acclaimed wines and vineyards. Includes a flight of 5 selected single vineyard/cru Barolo DOCG and Barbaresco DOCG.
With the use of Coravin you can create your own selection of wines to try. Choosing among a list of great vintages of our limited production of single vineyards/cru Barolo DOCG and Barbaresco DOCG

Price: € 75,00 per person (group tour)
€ 100,00 per person (private tour)
Duration: 1.5 hours

A visit, or as we prefer to call it an experience, for those who like tasting and be shrouded by the colours and the scents of nature.
The entirety of the hills, the vineyards, cultivated fields, hazelnut orchards and
buildings making up the Monsordo Bernardina Estate has to be read like a book: if you follow the pathway that is specially designed for you, you will discover the feeling that our family has for sustainable agriculture and winegrowing, as well as our love of gastronomy, art and architecture. A tasting of 3 different wines entirely grown and vinified in the Monsordo Bernardina Estate.
Price: € 50,00  per person
Duration: 2 hours
Please note that the wine trekking is available just in May, June, July, August and September.

Languages spoken
Italian, English, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian and German


Wines Range
Barolo, Barbaresco, Langhe Arneis, Moscato d’Asti

Guided winery tour, Guided wine tastings, Guided vertical tastings, Chef-led vegetable and herb garden tour

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