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Lombardy wine tours

Franciacorta wine, Italian aperitif, and fashion-forward Milan.

Lombardy is known first of all for its fashion capital, Milan, with its awe-inspiring Duomo, excellent restaurants, unique city districts, and a lively club and bar scene. The Italian aperitivo culture – the beloved ritual of a glass of wine or a cocktail with a small plate of charcuteries and grissini – was born in this region. Maybe because of the phenomenal Franciacorta wine!

This metropolitan city is also well-serviced in international flights, rails, and internal transportation. In short, Milan has plenty of sightseeing options and the city is definitely a must-see; but so is the rest of this large Italian region that borders Switzerland.

Lombardy is a mix of dense cities and natural landscapes. It begins in the Alps and encompasses the rolling hills of Franciacorta, where their famous sparkling wine is made using the metodo classico. It has been called Italy’s answer to Champagne, thanks to a complexity in profile and taste that is less fruity than Italy’s other favourite bubbles.

The region is also home to Italy’s celebrity-favorite Lakes District, with the jewels of Garda, Sirmione, Maggiore, and Como all lined with picturesque towns along blue waters. Along the shores of Lake Garda is the Lugana wine zone that makes the white wine of the same name.

A Franciacorta wine experience in Lombardy is the picture of refinement, elegance and European old-world charm.