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Piazza Duomo Restaurant


Piazza Risorgimento 4, 12050, Alba (CN)

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Why you should visit

  • A gastronomic experience in one of the 50 best restaurants in the world
  • The chef’s garden planted with more than 140 varieties of fruits and vegetables
  • An impressive list of national and international wines

Opened in 2005, thanks to the common passion that united the Ceretto family, historic winemakers from Langa, and Chef Enrico Crippa.

Chef Enrico Crippa, together with his crew, is daily engaged in sophisticated preparations to satisfy and amaze even the most demanding customers with new ideas. Crippa has brought his international experience to an area with deep-rooted culinary traditions such as that of the Langhe, introducing unique flavours all while maintaining and respecting local ingredients: white truffles, mushrooms, Fassona meat, hazelnut PGI and various cheeses.

The leitmotif is the use of excellent raw materials, carefully selected with respect for their seasonality, then skillfully transformed into works of art, as only talented chefs can do.

The vegetables and herbs served at the restaurant come from the chef’s vegetable garden where, in addition to the most common vegetables (always, however, selected among ancient and particular varieties), approximately 400 botanical and horticultural plant species are cultivated, following a constant research on edible plants and seeds coming from sources that are as local as possible and, in any case, certified.

The Cellar

Wine is unquestionably a critical element for a restaurant targeting top quality. At Piazza Duomo this notion is emphasized by the direct link with the Ceretto family, who have been wine producers for 3 generations. To select and keep the precious bottles in our cellar we have called on Jacopo Dosio, a keen, dynamic and young sommelier who knows how to astonish guests with every glass.