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Collegio Restaurant & Cocktail Bar


Piazza Capranica 99/100, 00186, Roma

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Casale del Giglio


Private events, cocktail lounge, lunch and dinner services

The Santarelli family, wine traders for more than a century, restored Piazza Capranica’s historic “Wine & Oil Store” in a contemporary style without forgoing the ambience of the original 1930s store.

Collegio is inspired by the “Vini & Oli” of the 1930s. A multi-purpose food and wine shop, the family’s restoration preserved the original 1930’s heritage of the building. The late Renaissance structure was accurately remodelled and reinforced by imposing 18th-century arches. The interior design equally relives the 1930s ambiance. Iron shelving, typical of the 30s, displays bottles while the corner bar was refurbished with a counter of reclaimed woods and red Verona marble. The tabletops are made from oak and soft leather seating complete the overall vintage feel of the restaurant.


Chef Patrick Dianetti offers a menu inspired by the culinary traditions of Rome and Amatrice, using top quality ingredients sourced from small artisanal producers. Amatriciana, Carbonara, Gricia and Cacio e Pepe are all must-try pasta dishes. Pastry Chef, Caterina Tassi adds a formidable selection of desserts to the menu, which features tiramisu, crème brûlée and cheesecake to name a few.

Cocktail bar

Mixologist Valerio Rizzo creates his signature cocktails ranging from the great Italian classics such as Negroni or Americano to traditional recipes with a twist. Our cocktail bar is stocked with a selection premium quality spirits sourced from around the world.

Private Events

Collegio’s prime location in the centre of Rome, between the bustling Via del Corso and the historic Pantheon, makes it the perfect venue for private events. Each of the two rooms can accommodate up to 45 diners in a refined and welcoming ambience. Collegio is a member of Rome’s prestigious “Association of Historic Shops of Excellence”.

Why you should visit

  • A modern take on Rome’s most iconic dishes
  • Original 1930s architectural features and ambiance
  • Central location in Rome near the Pantheon