Vine trekking and picnic at Tenuta Carretta


Vine trekking and picnic at Tenuta Carretta

25 August 2021

Imagine walking across one of the most spectacular vineyard hills in Roero, in an area renowned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site; or enjoying a 360° panorama reaching the snowy Alps.

Imagine that the path is always accessible, free of charge, and marked with appropriate signage; that it starts and ends in a winery with an estate exceeding 550 years of history. Finally, imagine being able to listen, directly from your smartphone, to a narration set to guide you step by step in discovering the territory, the grapes, the places and the panoramas that fill your eyes. Now, stop imagining: all of this is real and it refers to the trail that Tenuta Carretta has recently inaugurated and made accessible to all; Tenuta Carretta’s Grape’s Road is the first example of a digitally guided enotrekking activity in Piedmont.

The Grape’s Road

vine trekking The vine trekking course of Tenuta Carretta

It is an easy 11-station route, marked by road signs that outline a ring-like trail. It starts and ends at Tenuta Carretta, situated in Piobesi d’Alba, where the winery of the same name and the Michelin-starred restaurant 21.9 can be found. It is located less than 10 km from Alba. The Grape’s Road starts from the square next to the Tenuta. Here, you can leave your car and – at the end of the trail – visit the cellars and the wine shop, where you can try or buy various products, or reserve a table at the restaurant. The trail placed among the vineyards has an average altitude of 260 metres above sea level and it allows you to properly observe the characteristics of different vines. The Podio vineyard closely shows the vines with which the Langhe DOC Nebbiolo is made; from Bric Quercia are the grapes used to produce the Barbera d’Alba Superiore DOC of the same name; while Bric Paradiso supplies the grapes for the Roero DOCG Riserva.

A panorama to be taken in slowly

donna che guarda vigneti The marked trail among the vineyards of Tenuta Carretta (Piobesi d’Alba, Piedmont)

Of particular charm and splendour is the stop at the middle of the trail, located in Bric Quercia: the hillside, facing south-east, provides a thrilling view to the whole vineyard of Tenuta Carretta. The stations – each equipped with a digital narration – have been selected according to their panoramic location, the history behind their name or the type of product present: this has been done in order to let the visitors enjoy both the scenic beauty and the detailed recount of its history, the vineyards and the local traditions. The trail is easy and enjoyable: a 2.1 km route that can be leisurely treaded in 1 hour and 45 minutes, with slopes that are not too steep. It is the first trail in Piedmont that combines storytelling, vineyard trekking, landscape, history and tasting activities at the cellar.

Picnic with gourmet sandwiches

sandwich michelin Gourmet sandwiches and a bottle of the famous Cayega by Tenuta Carretta: let the picnic begin!

For those who really want to take things slow and fully enjoy the day outdoors, there is the possibility to purchase a picnic basket. Inside, there are sandwiches prepared by the chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant, Flavio Costa, and everything that you may need for your “country” meal. The Tenuta’s famous wine is also included. A one of a kind experience to revel in while lying on the estate lawn, looking at the vineyards. A to go lunch to be savored outdoors, a meal filled with the joy and relaxation of a delightful day. There are different kinds of activities to choose from, available whenever the weather is nice. Each basket contains a blanket, two wine glasses, a corkscrew, table napkins, the vine trekking map and a discount for purchases at the wine shop. But please note: reservations must be placed 24 hours ahead. Enjoy your Vine-Experience!
Enjoy vine trekking and picnic at Tenuta Carretta with The Grand Wine Tour.