Feudi di San Gregorio: a design-inspired cellar, symbol of Campania’s wine renaissance


Feudi di San Gregorio: a design-inspired cellar, symbol of Campania’s wine renaissance

06 March 2020

There is obviously wine; but architecture and art are also present. The Feudi di San Gregorio winery is one of the most beautiful design-inspired wineries in Italy.

Built 50 km from the Vesuvius or the city of Pompeii, located in the hinterland and an hour by motorway from Naples, the building that houses Feudi di San Gregorio propels the two thousand year-old winemaking tradition of Irpinia into the future. This place is now the symbol of the Campania region’s wine renaissance.

The project of the Japanese architect Hikaru Mori

Up the hill towards Sorbo Serpico is the entrance to a magical world: a place filled with waters, fields and rose gardens. It is the futuristic cellar designed by Japanese architect Hikaru Mori, inaugurated in 2004 and exhibited twice as an architectural excellence at the Biennale di Venezia. The building fuses with the territory and the landscape. It expands mainly underground, without any environmental impact. It conveys the temporary taste of the Capaldo family and expresses the ambitious objective of Feudi di San Gregorio: for the winery to become a place for encounters and discussions, a laboratory for ideas and culture. The materials used  ?  glass, steel, titanium zinc and cement  ?  highlight the overcoming of the idea of the traditional cellar. But, from the terrace on the roof, the gaze encompasses the vineyards: and it is here where the restaurant Marennà has reopened, with the ambition to soon get two Michelin stars. Inside the cellar, the tasting room hanging in mid-air takes one’s breath away: a glass cube hanging above five thousand barrels and barriques.

A building designed to welcome visitors


Feudi di San Gregorio, in order to promote the local varieties of Southern Italy, has collaborated with numerous artists. All interiors are work of designers Massimo and Lella Vignelli, to whom the wine labels have also been assigned. The result is an architectural structure that speaks: a place “sanctified” to the transformation of wine and – for the visitor – to a total and guided immersion in the world of wine, the unveiling of a secret. Hospitality is a sacred value at Feudi di San Gregorio. The cellar is not only the home of wine, but also a place where knowledge, tradition, and territory are passed on to the visitor. There are many ways to visit the cellar or be guided during tastings. There is also a route dedicated to the “grape cycle”, in order to experience the various stages of processing and refinement through an exciting itinerary that also ends with a guided tasting.

Guided tasting

In this original and artistic environment, the location is set up in order to offer the best tasting experience, where hospitality, a typical trait of Southern Italy, is posed as the value at the foundation of the winery. There are several tasting routes to select from and the guest is given the opportunity to choose which wines to taste, including the Riserve. And, when choosing, it is important to remember that Feudi di San Gregorio is famous all over the world for having been able to fully enhance the traditional white wines of Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo and Falanghina del Sannio, as well as the most important and noble red wine of the South, the Aglianico, from which the DOCG Taurasi is produced. Among all the wines of the cellar, which are all the best expressions of the territory, the top one is undoubtedly the Irpinia Aglianico DOC Serpico, a wine produced from pre-phylloxera centenary vineyards that has become a myth, but is also the most authentic “fruit” of Irpinia.
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