A UNESCO photographic exhibition at Bortolomiol


A UNESCO photographic exhibition at Bortolomiol

15 November 2017

Bortolomiol winery is hosting a unique photographic exhibition to celebrate Conegliano Valdobbiadene’s candidacy as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

In the town of Valdobbiadene in the heart of Prosecco country, a unique creative project has come about, thanks to the candidacy of the town as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

To celebrate the candidacy, Bortolomiol winery is hosting a specially commissioned photographic exhibition to showcase the area’s one-of-a-kind landscape. “The best way to highlight the UNESCO candidature is by showing guests these images of the hills across the different seasons,” says Elvira Bortolomiol, Vice President of the family-owned winery. The photographic exhibition at Parco della Filandetta The photographic exhibition at Parco della Filandetta

The winery collaborated with photographer Arcangelo Piai – who himself hails from the town of Conegliano – to bring the concept to fruition. “He knows every hill of the appellation very well – every corner, every viewpoint – and is able to translate the landscape into pictures. The most amazing thing is that when you see the exhibition, it’s as though all the pictures are a window looking directly onto the hills.”
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Earlier this year, the exhibition was opened at Bortolomiol’s Parco della Filandetta Wine & Art Farm, located within the Parco della Filandetta – once a silk mill, the restored, expansive space is now dedicated to showcasing the convergence of winemaking, art and culture. The exhibition is a direct reflection of this mission of the space, using photographic artworks to bring to light not only the inherent beauty of the surrounding natural environment, but also and the significant and positive influence of centuries of viticulture and winemaking on the land. Harvesting time at Bortolomiol Winery Harvesting time at Bortolomiol Winery

The region is especially known for its sparkling wine production, the most famous of which is the DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore – Bortolomiol’s flagship wine, the Cuvée Del Fondatore, is a Valdobbiadene DOCG Prosecco Superiore Brut. In 2008, the task to have the hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene recognised by UNESCO was begun, pointing towards the area’s particular cultural landscape, natural environment, architecture, art, and winemaking tradition and innovation as features for its consideration. “There’s no other place like the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene in the world,” says Elvira. “Here, there’s a special combination of ancient hills and soil, and a great microclimate that combines with the perfect exposition of the vineyards. What we have to do now as a region is to maintain the same ways of working the vineyards, and work together in order to promote this amazing territory and the appellation, too.” Valdobbiadene - courtesy of Bortolomiol Winery Valdobbiadene - courtesy of Bortolomiol Winery

As for the decision as to whether or not Conegliano Valdobbiadene will be added to the UNESCO World Heritage list? That’s set to take place in 2018. “We think that Veneto has all the resources to be awarded this prestigious recognition. This would be the most important sign that we are capable of preserving the area, because it’s an award regarding not just the vineyards, but also cultural and human aspects too,” says Elvira. In the meantime, Bortolomiol a stunning photographic exhibition for visitors to pore over – and plenty of wine to be enjoyed, too.