Three Reasons Why You Should Go on a Wine Tour in Emilia-Romagna


Three Reasons Why You Should Go on a Wine Tour in Emilia-Romagna

24 February 2023

Picturesque countryside, outstanding cuisine and fantastic wine at a great value. Just a few reasons why Emilia-Romagna should be your next wine destination.

A wine tour in Emilia-Romagna is a great idea for those who want to discover a top wine country away from the masses. Already famous for its culinary delights, the region’s wine scene is still under the radar but is worth getting to know. Here are three reasons why.

Emilia-Romagna is the Gastronomic Capital of Italy

Stuffed pasta - Tortellini in brodo - by Sebastiana González Schneidewind Tortellini in brodo © Sebastiana González Schneidewind

Without a doubt, most of the famous Italian foods who love and adore come from this region. Parmigiano-Reggiano. Balsamic vinegar from Modena. Prosciutto di Parma. Ragù Bolognese. Tortellini in broth. A handful of foods famous from this region and the list could go on. A wine tour in Emilia-Romagna will undoubtedly be centred around how the region’s rich Sangiovese and velvety Albana pair with the cuisine. Expect long lunches followed by a walk through the vineyards and a tasting of wine. The ultimate food and wine lover’s delight.

A Picturesque Countryside

A picturesque view of the Italian countryside from inside a villaVilla Marcona, Umberto Cesari, Emilia-Romagna. ©Simone Bramante

Everyone loves Tuscany for its rolling hills topped with cypress trees. To be fair, it is a gorgeous sight. But it isn’t exclusive to the Tuscan countryside. In fact, Umberto Cesari winery features a similar landscape. Gentle cascades of hills planted in neat rows of vines, olive trees, and wheat fields lead towards villas flanked by lanky cypress trees. The perfect Italian image if you will.

Under the Radar High-Quality Wine

red wine ageing in a barrel Barrel Ageing barrels Umberto Cesari, Emilia-Romagna

Italy is replete with great wine. Often the ones we know the best have had the best marketing but that leaves similar wines from a neighbouring region lesser-known. However, not of lesser-quality. This is exactly the case for Emilia-Romagna. Surrounded by regions that are highly-acclaimed for their wine, it has sprouted under a shadow and is only recently reached the light. In the eastern half of the region – Romagna – viticulture dates back to the Romans which is evidenced in the area’s specialty: Sangiovese. This iconic Italian grape displays its characteristic power in a more fruit-forward profile, like Tauleto, the flagship label that made Umberto Cesari a Master of Sangiovese. As we say, we are the window onto the Italy you want to see, and that Italy is Emilia-Romagna.


Reserve your Emilia-Romagna wine experience with The Grand Wine Tour.


Reserve your Emilia-Romagna wine experience with The Grand Wine Tour.

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