Cinzia Travaglini Leads a Century-Old Legacy of Wine


Cinzia Travaglini Leads a Century-Old Legacy of Wine

13 December 2019

Cinzia Travaglini, great-granddaughter of Clemente Travaglini, the founder of Travaglini wine, leads her family’s legacy into a new century.

The world of wine, especially in ‘old world’ wine countries such as Italy, can sometimes appear like a bit of a boy’s club. Grandfather and fathers pass on family traditions to their sons who pass it on and so on until you have a century of a family legacy. But what about if you have daughters? Historic picture of the winery, Travaglini, Piedmont.

Well for the Travaglini family, past and present, that was barely a thought in the succession of the winery. Now in its fourth-generation, the Travaglini Family Winery in Gattinara is helmed by Cinzia Travaglini and hopefully in the future by her two daughters. Cinzia is leading Travaglini winery as it turns the corner on a century-long legacy. Clemente Travaglini first began planting Nebbiolo and making Gattinara in the 1920s. His son Arturo took the helm in 1956 and transformed the winery from a local staple to an internationally-recognized name. A large part of this was his idea to create a unique bottle that would as a decanter for their Gattinara wine, thereby allowing more people to appreciate and enjoy what can be an austere wine. Along the line, the winery went to Arturo’s son, Giancarlo who became a close mentor to Massimo Collauto, the current wine-maker and Cinzia’s husband. But the time came for Cinzia to take over the family business and she has undoubtedly brought a new perspective to the game. nebbiolo-gattinara-alto-piemonte-1 Nebbiolo grapes, Travaglini, Piedmont.

Cinzia is a woman in wine, which is to say that she has helped to shape the cultural importance of wine in her region in a multitude of ways. First and foremost, as the CEO of Travaglini winery, she oversees the daily management of the company and ensuring its continued success. Second, as a daughter, granddaughter and woman who grew up in the wine world. She has a unique appreciation for not just her family’s wine, but the important role wine plays in local customs, traditions, and history of Northern Piedmont. She melds this with a forward-looking approach by pioneering programs at the winery such as hospitality, tastings, and representing the winery at home and abroad. It was under her leadership that the winery became a member of The Grand Wine Tour. Lastly, Cinzia is a member of the Associazione Nazionale Le Donne del Vino, an Italian-wide association of women who work, promote, and communicate the wine industry and winemaking culture. As a member, Cinzia is representing a new future for Travaglini. Connecting the work of the winery with other female-led initiatives in the winemaking and wine tourism industry. Travaglini Family, Travaglini, Piedmont.

The one thing that continues to remain constant, the defining importance of the Travaglini name and winery, is the excellence of their wine. Cinzia and her husband continue to only produce Gattinara with 100% Nebbiolo grapes and make 40% of all the Gattinara produced in Northern Piedmont. It is in front of the backdrop of this exceptional wine that makes it exciting to see how Cinzia continues to expand on the legacy of her forefathers to create a future for her daughters.
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