The Best Barbera Wine and Food Pairings


The Best Barbera Wine and Food Pairings

25 October 2018

Barbera is Piedmont's new hit wine. Not because it is new, in fact, it is one of the region's most ancient grape varieties. But because it is currently basking in the wine world's limelight, as it deserves to.

As we have a couple of pioneering Barbera producers in The Grand Wine Tour, we wanted to help all you wine lovers figure out the best Barbera wine-food pairings. So that all of you can host friends and family like a pro. Or at least know what to ask for when visiting Piedmont! This fruity, acidic and fun red wine is easy to pair with a wide range of foods. Pick up a bottle of Michele Chiarlo La Court or Coppo Pomorosso for a sumptuous dinner. Here are five best Barbera wine and food pairings for those looking to keep it 'local' as well as pairing and wine notes for those setting their own menu. Happy dining!

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