Travaglini Vertical Tasting: The Romantic (And Long-Lived) Soul of Gattinara


Travaglini Vertical Tasting: The Romantic (And Long-Lived) Soul of Gattinara

31 July 2023

Travaglini is a story of great passion. A dream that has passed from one generation to another for over a century, recounting the dedication and love for the land of Gattinara.

Travaglini, in a way, is Gattinara. The winery possesses the widest vineyard area in the territory and is definitely one of the most historic in the area. Founded by Clemente Travaglini in the 1920s, today it is led by Cinzia Travaglini, her husband Massimo Collauto, and their daughters Alessia and Carolina.

A story about the pursuit of a distinct type of quality, one that can also be recognized in the creation of an iconic bottle which is now the symbol of the denomination. We are talking about the famous “slanted” bottle designed by Giancarlo Travaglini in 1958: a sinuous and very elegant glass container that perfectly combines design and functionality.

To recount the incredible history of this family and the profound bond it shares with Gattinara, Travaglini organized a Vertical Tasting in March of this year: an exceptional event that literally opened the cellar's archives. This unique and unforgettable experience provided participants with an unparalleled insight into the Gattinara DOCG. Just to give an idea, starting from the recent outstanding vintages, attendees had the opportunity to “travel back” to 1967, uncorking a 3-liter imperial bottle from that vintage, defined as «a true masterpiece, a horizon to behold, like a sky that gives complete meaning to where we are: Gattinara, Alto Piemonte».