La Piola, traditional cuisine in the heart of Alba


La Piola, traditional cuisine in the heart of Alba

25 April 2022

Upholding tradition through innovation

The Ceretto family’s intuitive desire to enhance the territory through food came to fruition in 2005. 

A joint project with Michelin-starred chef Enrico Crippa, who already headed Piazza Duomo, was launched by opening La Piola, a restaurant serving traditional Langhe cuisine in Piazza Risorgimento, in the heart of Alba. 

The restaurant’s suggestive name is rooted in the Piedmontese dialect: a reference to the local osteria, a familiar and convivial place where guests can enjoy traditional dishes and local wines. At La Piola food, wine and art intertwine: the artisan preparation of the dishes reflect the rich local gastronomic culture. Handmade tajarin pasta that is made starting from the dough or the classic yet always surprising agnolotti del plin with roast sauce. We also find local classics like vitello tonnato or the cart of boiled meats during winter. Traditional desserts cannot be missed: chocolate bunet, semifreddo with local torrone, which was originally made and consumed during Christmas, as well as the famous hazelnut cake, which represents the union of excellent local ingredients. 

La Piola’s menu respects the seasonality and colors of nature, leading to the creation of numerous dishes, which are also accompanied by a wide selection of wines. A true gastronomic adventure of Piedmont that can satisfy different palates.

A large blackboard dominates the main hall, where the menu is written by hand every day. This is another artisan way of respecting the seasonality of the ingredients and showcasing the chef’s creativity.