Feudi di San Gregorio: a certified commitment to the territory


Feudi di San Gregorio: a certified commitment to the territory

17 May 2022

The leading winery from southern Italy proves its commitment to Irpinia through its conversion to a benefit corporation and the attainment of the Equalitas Certification.

Feudi di San Gregorio, a leading winery in southern Italy and one of the most important Italian wine brands, continues to adhere to a sustainable business model.

The winery has recently obtained “green” certifications that involve the entire company at a corporate and productive level. This line was carried out with determination throughout the past year and resulted in the conversion of Feudi di San Gregorio’s legal status to a benefit corporation and the achievement of the Equalitas certification, a few months later.

This double feat is a validation, but also a starting point. It is proof of the company’s strong environmental, social and economic commitment to Irpinia since its foundation. Feudi di San Gregorio has practiced increasingly low-impact cultivation methods, adopted more sustainable packaging and made use of energy from renewable sources. The company has also been committed to bettering society: Feudi di San Gregorio is a founding member of the Fondazione San Gennaro, a community foundation that empowers young people through the enhancement of the historical and cultural heritage and talents present in the Rione Sanità neighborhood in Naples. The achivement also marks a starting point to improving the brand’s commitment to sustainability, by choosing increasingly measurable and efficient parameters.


The legal status of benefit corporation was introduced in Italy in 2016 and refers to companies that pursue the best interest of the community. This amendment to Feudi di San Gregorio’s statute meant the formal inclusion of all stakeholders – employees, grape suppliers and the whole community of Irpinia – in its business model and the identification of more concrete and measurable goals in relation to sustainability.

As a benefit corporation, Feudi di San Gregorio sets specific objectives that include sharing knowledge with suppliers in order to achieve increasingly sustainable and circular agronomic practices. But also promote cultural and artistic activities in the area, enhance human capital through company welfare, bring customers to embody the company’s values and endorse the Sorbo Serpico winery as the center for Irpinia’s cultural development.

Feudi di San Gregorio’s conversion to benefit corporation proves its commitment to Irpinia and the deep bond of mutual dependence between the winery, the territory and the community.


Following the conversion to benefit corporation last May 2021, in September of the same year, Feudi di San Gregorio also achieved the Equalitas certification.

«Equalitas – Sustainable Wine» is a voluntary standard that certifies wine sustainability and aims to unite wine companies under a shared sustainable vision.

The certification process involves Feudi di San Gregorio’s entire business model. The Equalitas certification guarantees complete commitment to protecting the future of the company and the territory: this commitment involves all stakeholders and provides for more concrete and measurable goals in relation to sustainability.

«The conversion to benefit corporation was an important step – says President Antonio Capaldo, –It also marks the beginning of a journey that, over the years, will allow us to protect the surrounding community, aiming to leave the future generations with a better world»


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