How Feudi di San Gregorio’s wines are bottles of contemporary art


How Feudi di San Gregorio’s wines are bottles of contemporary art

28 November 2018

Feudi di San Gregorio, the premier flagship winery of Campania and Southern Italy, has become eponymous with wine as an art.

It all begins with a simple cornerstone of their identity: the belief that a bottle of wine and a work of art share the same creative process.

Each bottle is the simultaneous expression of the winemaker and the land from which it comes, the same way any piece of art is the simultaneous expression of the artist and their surrounding environment. And just as art is categorized by medium, genre and era, wine is equally categorized by year, style and grape variety. It is in this sense that the creative process is the same, essentially rendering Feudi as winemaker into wine artist, and the genre of choice? Contemporary art. 

Campania and Contemporary Art

Colature by Vedovamazzei

The region of Campania’s long history of art reaches back to the time of the Etruscans and the Greeks who conquered well before the days of the Romans. From Paestum to Pompeii, Naples to Caserta the stradas and halls are filled with the remnants of great artistic societies. In the 19th and 20th centuries, in the global rise of contemporary art, two loose artistic movements of landscape painting emerged, both attempting to break away from the academic limits to express the beauty of the territory as it was. Beautiful vistas of shimmering blue and wild green emerged representing the true natural beauty of the land. Contemporary art was, and remains, the means by which the past is seen and filtered for the present and then projected into the future. It expresses what was, what is and what will be. This is why Feudi di San Gregorio works closely with local contemporary artists, such as art duo Vedovamazzei and Marinella Senatore to commission works of art that artfully render the way in which the winery is filter the history of local wine for the future of the region

Feudi di San Gregorio and Contemporary Art

Wine is also a direct expression of what was, what is and what will be. Ancient land formations give life to specific soils that feed native grape varieties that are a hundred years old. The method of pressing and fermenting and filtering modernize, producing tastes and sensations that are more in line with the modern palate; however, the foundation remains the same. Wine is drinking art, a rendering, in bottled liquid, of the land that gives life. Feudi di San Gregorio applies the lens of contemporary art to the art of making wine. The styles of wine, from Taurasi to Greco di Tufo, are what the terroir has naturally been providing for centuries but the experience of drinking them are entirely with the times. These are ancient wines made for the present and designed for the future. And each aspect of the Feudi experience, from the label on the bottle to the liquid inside, recalls the importance of tradition balanced with the realities of the time.