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Gavi Wine Tour

Gavi Territory

The Gavi territory is in the south-western part of Piedmont, on the border with Liguria. In 1800, thanks to Ligurian aristocracy, the wine became a product of the court, also thanks to its ability to be paired perfectly with traditional recipes of that area, made with fish and vegetables.

It spread all around Europe, from Germany to Switzerland and also went overseas, arriving in South America thus creating the basis for a future export market. The white Gavi, or Cortese di Gavi was recognized a DOC wine in 1974 and DOCG in 1998, with further changes for the varieties “riserva fermo” and “riserva spumante metodo classico” in 2010. The types of Gavi that can be produced are: still, fizzy, sparkling, reserve, and reserve sparkling classic method.

The Gavi territory is mainly hilly, with uplands rich in red soil as a result of the clayish marl of that area. The winds from the bordering Ligurian coast, condition and typify the microclimate giving the wine perfumes of citrus fruits with hints of grapefruit, pineapple and white flowers which join an important, tasteful and mineral structure that is completed by its typical hints of bitter almonds.