Lunae was built following the dream and passion of Paolo Bosoni, who inherited the family land in 1966.

Lunae’s vineyards are located in Colli di Luni DOC territory in eastern Liguria near the Apuan Alps. Today, Paolo supervises and coordinates the work in the cellar and the vineyards with the help of his brother, Lucio.

The winery’s core belief is that the quality cultivated in the vineyards can be preserved in the cellars through careful and respectful work during all stages of production. They favour quality over quantity and are guided by nature, aiming to express the properties and characteristics of the terroir with every wine.

Lunae is known for their white wines and is considered one of the best producers of Vermentino. In particular, their label Vermentino Riserva Etichetta Nera, or Black Label, stands out: a white wine with great structure and elegant aromas of wildflowers, aromatic herbs, spices, ripe fruit, and honey. The winery and the wine shop are located in a beautifully restored ancient country house. Here, visitors may also visit a museum dedicated to winemaking traditions and take a guided wine tasting paired with local foods.

Colli di Luni Vermentino Doc Etichetta Nera

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Feel the warm welcome of the Ligurian sun when you visit Lunae. The eight experiences they offer allow guests the chance to truly discover the tastes and flavours of Liguria, as well as the rich pastoral history of the area. Explore the wine museum on the property, which features a collection of peasant farm tools. 

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Colli di Luni in eastern Liguria

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