The Grand Wine Tour is a network of the best wineries in Italy that excel in hospitality and produce top quality wines from extraordinary regions.

The Grand Wine Tour is inspired by the Grand Tours of the 18th and 19th centuries, when young aristocrats toured the great capitals of Europe. Their ultimate destination was, more often than not, Italy.

The Grand Tourists immersed themselves in art, culture, and the Old World atmosphere. Today, The Grand Wine Tour is an exploration of Italian culture through Italy’s most enjoyable element: wine.

How do we do this, exactly? We’re not just a website. We’re a network of the best Italian wineries that excel in producing top quality wines from some of the most famous Italian wine regions—and also from some of this country’s hidden gems. From Barolo to Brunello, Amarone to Prosecco; from Tuscany to Piedmont, and Liguria to Puglia, we help you to discover where the best winery tour can be found. What’s more, The Grand Wine Tour wineries excel in hospitality, while remaining exclusively family-owned.

We’ve selected only the best of the best to guarantee an exceptional winery and wine travel experience.

We know, too, that wine travelers are interested in more than just vino. We guarantee a pampered stay or luxurious wine tasting at The Grand Wine Tour wineries, but we know you also love authentic Italian cuisine, charming Italian villages, world-renowned cities, Italian fashion, the bella vita lifestyle, and Italy’s famous art and culture—basically, everything that made this country a destination for the Grand Tours of Europe in the first place. So, let our articles entertain and inspire you; you’ll see they’re always connected to a Grand Wine Tour winery. Because in Italy, wine is a part of daily life. And when it’s this good, why shouldn’t it be?

Explore our tips and articles on best-loved tourist spots, insider travel destinations, the most famous Italian wine regions, and fun activities all over Italy. And at the end of the day, enjoy a glass of wine.