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Liguria wine tours

An enchanting mix of villages, stunning seascapes, and great cuisine along the Italian Riviera.

You’ve seen the photos. You know, those ones of brightly coloured towns precariously perched on a cliffside, the shimmering blue sea waving underneath. They look so picturesque you think these towns must be fake, a mirage. We promise, there aren’t! Its Liguria!

A crescent sliver of land wedged between craggy mountains and the Mediterranean, Liguria is all rustic charm and glamorous seaside retreats. Not to mention, vermentino wine.

A wine tour in Liguria is more low-key than other regions of Italy. Spend an afternoon learning to make everybody’s favourite pesto after an excellent seafood lunch paired with the mineral-rich whites iconic of the Riviera. Or walk the Cinque Terre after a morning of wine tasting. From west to east, we promise a wine excursion with a view!