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Ancient ruins, the history of the Western world, infamous cuisine and innovative wine. Discover where it all began in Lazio.

Maybe Lazio isn’t the first place you think of when you think of Italy, but we bet Rome is. Capital of the country, the Eternal City has been capturing the hearts of people for, well, eternity. Rome is a city of living history; the dust and the dirt, the noise and the smells, are the welcome proof of thousands of years of tradition.

That of course means deeply entrenched wine and food traditions. Which is why an Eternal City wine tour is such a unique experience. La cucina romana, famous for such dishes as carbonara, cacio e pepe and the exalted carfiofi alla giudia, link the ancient city to the rolling fields that lay on the outskirts. And beyond those, heading to the sea, are vineyards of Frascati, Grechetto and Cesanese.

A wine experience in Lazio involves more than just great food and wine though. Archeological excavation sites are dug on the border with vineyards, wineries are built on the relics of ancient sites and the breeze from the Mediterranean reminds you of the important wine trading routes during the times of the Romans.

A trip to Lazio is the ultimate exploration of art and history, culture and cuisine. The very beginnings of the Western world can be found on the cobblestone streets. They do say, after all, that all roads lead to Rome.