Best Italian Wine Destinations in the Spring


Best Italian Wine Destinations in the Spring

02 May 2019

Italy in the spring is a marvel to behold. The wisteria, almond blossoms and magnolia trees all burst back to life in soothing lilac, cream and pink pastels. They contrast beautifully against the sunny blue sky and rust-red buildings. Springtime in Italy inspires lingering lunches and breezy countryside afternoons. Thankfully, the best Italian wine destinations in the spring just so happen to fit the mold perfectly!

The springtime countryside beckons romantics and wanderers, those looking to slow down a pace and enjoy the renewal of nature. Luckily, the best Italian wine destinations in the spring all happen to be scenic countryside escapes!


marche countryside italian wine destination spring The Marche Countryside, Tenuta Cocci Grifoni

If there was ever a wine destination more suited to countryside pursuits than the Marche, then we don’t know about it. Marche is a lush green landscape of rolling hills, imposing mountains, waving fields and lapping coast. Our Member Winery, Tenuta Cocci Grifoni, is nestled in the Piceno hills and surrounded by a dense forest that has become a top bird-watching spot in Italy. Is there anything better than a hike followed by a wine tasting? We think not.


Maremma in Tuscany Italian wine destination spring Vineyards near the sea, Podere Sapaio, Tuscany

It would be criminal to leave this classic Central Italian wine destination of the list. A Tuscan countryside adventure in the springtime is the stuff that la dolce vita is made of. Escape the bustling tourist cities and head to the wild southern coast called La Maremma. It is the postcard Mediterranean landscape you are looking for: cypress-lined country roads, pine forests, fragrant shrubland, craggy beaches, and lovely stone villas. Both of our Member Wineries in Tuscany, Fattoria Le Pupille and Podere Sapaio, are located in the Maremma.


lazio italian wine destinations spring Shades of rose, Casale del Giglio, Lazio

Lazio is another classic wine and tourist destination and has so much more to offer then Rome. Just under an hour from the Eternal City and verdant farms, grazing sheep and rows upon rows of vineyards will surround you. Leave the long lines behind and enjoy the tranquillity of the sea breeze rustling through the pine trees. Casale del Giglio, a pioneering producer in Lazio, is our exclusive Lazio Member Winery!

A Springtime Wine Experience

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