MOMA by Umberto Cesari is an artistic tribute to the region


MOMA by Umberto Cesari is an artistic tribute to the region

08 June 2018

Umberto Cesari winery in Eastern Emilia-Romagna is one the leading wineries in the country. Founded in the 1960’s by Mr. Umberto Cesari, the winery has grown from a humble 20 hectares of vineyards to 175 hectares spread over 6 separate estates and 18,000 square metres of wine cellars, all cradling the undulating hills of the ancient border between Emilia and Romagna.

Today the winery can also boast of partnerships with leading brands in other industries that define the region, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, as well as other chefs and producers that have made Emilia-Romagna the Gastronomic Capital of Italy. However even more successful has been the winery’s longstanding promotion of the arts and artistic heritage of Emilia-Romagna. Which is why the winery launched MOMA, a line of refined wines that are a tribute to creativity. To Umberto, it is this culture of creativity that is the driving force of the region; the foundation for outstanding wine.  Laurento vineyard

MOMA Wines

The MOMA Line is four decisive yet refined wines that are dedicated to the world of art. MOMA Bianco, a well-balanced white wine, is a blend of native Trebbiano and international Chardonnay and Sauvignon grown in Podere Parolino, one the winery’s oldest estates where the vineyards stretch across both sides of the hill providing unique sun exposure and exceptional taste. MOMA Spumante is a refreshingly light sparkling wine made entirely from the Pignoletto native grape variety.The grapes are grown in Podere Casetta, an estate that is solely dedicated to Emilia-Romagna’s native white grape varietals: Pignoletto and Albano. The microclimate and soils produce a uniquely dual bouquet that is both floral and fruity.  Rosé wines are sometimes hard to come by in Italy, not having a strong foothold in regional viticultures, but MOMA Rosé is an outstanding, award-winning bottle that demonstrates the versatility and delicateness that is possible from the powerful Sangiovese grape. The last wine in the line is none other than MOMA Rosso, a multi award-winning blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet and Merlot. Velvety smooth in texture, the international varieties add a dynamic bouquet and structure to the beautiful dark horse that is Sangiovese. 

MOMA The Label

Besides the artistry of the wines, Umberto Cesari wanted to deepen the link to the artistic heritage of the region. MOMA, which stands for My Own Masterpiece, was first envisioned from the winery’s first label, a beautiful reproduction of famed 20th-century artist Giorgio Morandi. Umberto wanted to continue this artistic ‘duet’ by creating a way for young artists to gain worldwide recognition for their talents.  Which is how the label ended up being designed as part of competition in partnership with world-renown art institutes and universities. The current label was designed by Donatella Carollo, a student at the Accademia di Belle Arte di Venezia, and won the competition in 2015. The graphic red, white and black label is a play on the letters (M O M A) rather than the words of the acronym and depicts the silhouette of a person drinking a glass of wine. The bottom M resembles the upper torso with an ‘O’ face and the second M sitting atop, tilted slightly as the inverted ‘A’ is being enjoyed a glass of red wine. The crown-like second ‘M’ recalls to the drinker the nobility of the grapes, Sangiovese and other native varieties. The label was originally rendered by hand, Donatella applying acrylic on canvas, to showcase the texture of the paint strokes and invoking a handmade feel, reminiscent of the dedicated manual labour required in growing grapes and making wine.  The next MOMA label competition will open in 2019. If you want to just enjoy the artistry in a glass, make sure to reserve your Grand Wine Tour for a personalized wine tour of Umberto Cesari and the Emilia-Romagna region!