Ceretto experience, a new glimpse of the Langhe


Ceretto experience, a new glimpse of the Langhe

21 May 2020

Ceretto is a 360° experience of the Langhe, amidst wine, vineyards, landscapes, art and flavours.

A bubble hanging over the hills of the Langhe. An observation deck with no walls. A window between the clouds and vine rows. The Grape is the cultural and stylistic symbol of Ceretto, a physical and mental space which, more than any other, represents the philosophy of this family of winegrowers, perhaps one of the most important in the Langhe, but certainly the most famous in the territory around Alba. An architectural project strongly desired by the founder, Bruno Ceretto, so that the Monsordo-Bernardina Estate, located in the outskirts of Alba, be entirely the fruit of his personal vision of “winemaking”: mud-stained hands and feet in between the vine rows; but with the head looking up to the sky, capable of seeing the wonder of the scenery and dreaming, and looking far ahead. Built in 2009, the Grape harmoniously combines tradition and innovation, style and value, beauty and excellence. These, upon a closer look, are the foundations of Ceretto’s wine production, capable of enhancing native varieties without the fear of interpreting them in a “pop” manner, but using art as a tool to communicate and intensify the experience. Ceretto's vineyards, winery and grape The “intensified” experience is really the essence of a visit to Ceretto winery, where every glimpse of the landscape, already breathtaking in itself, is emphasized by subtle “presences of art”, which are the result of collaborations that the family has made with internationally renowned artists. An example is The Grape, designed by architects Marina and Luca Deabate in 2009; and this is also the case for the Chapel of Barolo restored by Sol Lewitt and David Tremlett in 1999, a real work of “land art” that has given another artistic touch to the landscape of the Langhe and has given rise to numerous imitations. And the mix between art and vineyard, between the land and the sky, gaze and dream, continues in the Ceretto vineyards in Castiglione Falletto, delimited by a wrought iron gate made by Valerio Berruti, the work “Ovunque proteggimi” (“Protect me everywhere”). Also located in Castiglione is The Cube, found in the Bricco Rocche winery, another “architectural experience” to not be missed, made of glass and steel and located in the heart of the Barolo hills. And if the eyes have taken their fill, taste has also an important part within the artistic experience that Ceretto offers its guests. Due to the desire to combine the best wines of the Langhe to the equally extraordinary local cuisine, Ristorante Piazza Duomo, whose chef Enrico Crippa won 3 Michelin stars in 2012, and La Piola, a traditional trattoria specializing in local Piedmont cuisine, were opened in 2005.

Ceretto Experience, Wine Tour

Ceretto's winery, Piedmont, Italy In order to appreciate the variegated world of Ceretto and the deeply engaging experience it offers, the ideal starting point is The Grape, located just outside the town of Alba, towards Roddi, a welcome point for visitors and a lively cultural centre. Here, different Tour & Tasting experiences can be booked, according to the needs of each visitor. All these experiences have in common a particular attention to providing knowledge about native grape varieties of the Langhe, the location of the best vineyards, agronomic management techniques (today 100% organic) as well as winemaking and aging methods utilized. Each visit is guided by an expert and, at the end, is completed with the tasting of Ceretto’s main labels. The tours are divided into four different experiences, designed to make visitors deeply understand the local wine culture of this territory recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: The Langhe Wines - Tour & Tasting dedicated to those who are in the Langhe for the first time and want to know the “basics” Shades of Nebbiolo - Tour & Tasting for those who seek to understand the incredible versatility of the prince of Piedmont grapes.

Barolo & Barbaresco Cru Tasting – Tour & Tasting to discover the most important red wines of Piedmont by tasting their most famous crus.

Rarity - Tour & Tasting dedicated to real wine lovers, an exciting vertical tasting of selected Barolo vintages, from rare and exclusive crus. What are you waiting to delve yourself in the art, territory and taste of Ceretto?
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