Cascina Chicco: all the nuances of Nebbiolo between the Langhe and Roero


Cascina Chicco: all the nuances of Nebbiolo between the Langhe and Roero

10 February 2020

Imagine walking across one of the most spectacular vineyard hills in Roero, in an area renowned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site; or enjoying a 360° panorama reaching the snowy Alps.

Nebbiolo, the premier grape of the Langhe and Roero

bottiglie di nebbiolo di cascina chicco Nebbiolo, the most renowned grape of the Langhe

Nebbiolo is a complex variety. Numerous attempts have been made to work with it, in various parts of the world, but the results have always been disappointing. Its place is in Piedmont. Here, it shows its best, yielding wines with a strong identity. And not all are well-known. Nebbiolo is the main grape of Roero and the Langhe. It is a variety that – more than the others – knows how to express captivating nuances. The wines produced are extremely different among them, depending on the terroir in which the grape is grown. Cascina Chicco has chosen to make wine starting from the territory. The local varieties of the Roero and the Langhe have been selected and the characteristics of the soil and the microclimate of the various lots have been deeply studied. Each vine has been planted in the specific area where it will yield the best fruits and where it will develop distinct characteristics.

Roero, Barolo and Metodo Classico

vini di cascina chicco Some of the wines produced by Cascina Chicco

Cascina Chicco’s passion for Nebbiolo has started with the Roero, the hills on the left side of the Tanaro River. Here, the soil rich in sand yield very special wines, refined and exquisite. With delicate aromas and not too complex structures. However, making Nebbiolo means measuring with the Barolo, its highest expression. Eight hectares, in the cru of Monforte d’Alba, are dedicated to this denomination. The winery produces two labels: the Barolo Rocche di Castelletto, which refine for 4 years in the cellar; and the Barolo Riserva Ginestra, which refine for 7 years, of which at least 40 months are in oak barrels. Nebbiolo’s flexible nature has driven Cascina Chicco to experiment. In 2001, Cascino Chicco was one of the first to make a Metodo Classico sparkling wine with 100% Nebbiolo grapes through white wine vinification. Aside from this, a Rosé processing is also used.

Experience the tour of the underground cellars

le cantine scavate nella collina di cascina chicco The stunning cellars, carved into the hill

The tour of the cellar is an experience like no other: more than five thousand square metres that go down up to 28 metres beneath the hill: barriques, tasting rooms, deposits and crutin dug by hand on the bare rock. A spectacular underground area with exposed bricks and gypsum crystals. The winery is open for tours and guided tastings seven days a week. The staff speaks French and English. We await your arrival to share with you the landscapes and wines of Roero.
Enjoy a guided tasting of Nebbiolo’s nuances at Cascina Chicco, with The Grand Wine Tour.