Bortolomiol is paving the way to sustainable Prosecco without giving up luxury


Bortolomiol is paving the way to sustainable Prosecco without giving up luxury

30 July 2018

Four sisters took over the legacy of Bortolomiol created by their father and continue to pave the way to the future of sustainable prosecco.

The Dream of a Father

Since the winery’s founding in the precarious days following the end of the Second World War, the focus has always been to promote Prosecco for the future. After completing his education at the prestigious Conegliano Wine School, Giuliano Bortolomiol set out on his lifelong mission to make Prosecco and the vineyards in Valdiobbiadone be regarded as flagships of high-quality sparkling wine. Seventy-two years later and Giuliano’s vision has been realized. Prosecco is one of the most widely consumed sparkling wines in the world, and Conegliano-Valdobbiadene is renowned for premier crus and the highest achievement in Italian wine, DOCG labels.  The sisters of Bortolomiol The sisters of Bortolomiol - © Courtesy of Bortolomiol Winery

The Commitment of his Daughters

Although he may not be physically around to witness the full achievement of his dreams, Giulano’s four daughters, Maria Elena, Elvira, Luisa and Giuliana, continue to carry it forward, laying down stone by stone, the path to a sustainable future for Prosecco without forgoing even an ounce of quality. All of these actions are directed by the Bortolomiol Code which outlines the values and practices the winery promises to uphold in order to preserve the unique environment and cultural heritage integral to making prosecco for future generations. 

A Holistic Approach 

By taking a holistic approach, the Bortolomiol sisters are taking action to ensure the future of both environmental and social sustainability. This is a rare approach in the world of wine, which often focuses solely on the impact of making wine on the surrounding land with little further regard about the greater social impact as well. But with four women at the helm of an internationally-acclaimed winery means an undeniably feminine approach to management. Bortolomiol is helping to support social projects near and far. Parco della Filandetta

The Parco della Filandetta alongside the winery, is an innovative cultural project that lays testament to the women who toiled in Valdobiaddene’s famous historic silk mills. They have turned the old mill in a wine centre dedicated to the economic and social promotion of the area. The supportive hands of Bortolomiol reach much farther, across international waters, by participating in Wine for Life, a program that is partnered with DREAM, the most successful AIDS management initiative in the sub-Saharan Africa.  The foundation of sustainability is of course by respecting the natural resources of the land and Bortolomiol is engaged in various initiatives to ensure the continued integrity of their vineyards. Certified Green Mark, an experimental organic vineyard where research is undertaken to establish the best organic management methods, carbon offsetting and close relationships with all of their growers are many ways in which the winery is supporting environmental sustainability for the future. 

Sustainability without giving up Prestige

The most amazing part of their approach? Bortolomiol’s Prosecco continues to be regarded as some of the best in the world, winning major awards and accolades from the likes of Robert Parker and Gambero Rosso. In fact, Last year their Grand Cuvée del Fondatore was hand selected by Massimo Bottura for a charity dinner on the mysterious Ellis Island. It was the only Italian wine selected for the event!  You can experience the beauty of the vineyards, the history of the region and the bubbles of their wines with a customized winery tour and tasting from The Grand Wine Tour.