The Best Italian Wine Regions to Visit in the Fall


The Best Italian Wine Regions to Visit in the Fall

23 September 2019

The weather is beginning to cool off, the leaves in the vineyards are turning shades of deep red and orange and the crowds have lulled between busy seasons. Autumn is the best season to indulge in a luxury wine experience. We have our list of the four best Italian wine regions to visit in the fall.


Piedmont is a top Italian wine region

The Langhe, Piedmont © Carola Ferrero

Piedmont, to no one’s surprise, is the best wine region to visit in the fall. The rolling hills of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are awash in shades of red, burgundy, gold and orange vineyards. Castle towers and ciabòt – those adorable wood and stone shacks in the middle of vineyards all over Piedmont – dot the skyline and the air is crisp with the smell of the nearby Alps. It is an autumn paradise. Of course, there is also the International Alba White Truffle Fair that defines the season. A definite must for food and wine lovers, the fair runs until the end of November each fall.


tuscany is a top italian wine region Chiantigiano, Tuscany © Antonio Cinotti

Is there ever really a bad time to go to Tuscany? The answer is obviously, no. However, there are a few extra pros to visiting this iconic wine region in the fall. First is the gorgeous landscape. The gentle hills turn to muted greens, rust and ochre while the cypress trees sway a little harder in the breeze. Closer to the coast in La Maremma, the sea sparkles under a still kind of warm autumn sun and scents of the countryside mingle with fresh air. Second, is, of course, the harvest! The vineyards of Sangiovese at Fattoria Le Pupille and Merlot at Podere Sapaio get picked bare by well-practiced hands and turned into award-winning wines. The perfect occasion to discover just how your favourite Italian wines are grown and made!


veneto is a top italian wine region Oratorio di San Lorenzo, Inama, Veneto

Besides the fact that the cruise ships dock less frequently and the crowds in St. Mark’s Square dwindle, Veneto is a top Italian wine region to visit in the fall because of its immense diversity! Small and condensed, it is easy to explore the wide range of wine areas in the region over three or four days. And a wide range of wine it is. Discover the secrets of Prosecco in Conegliano-Valdobbiadene, the intrigue of Amarone in Valpolicella, the uniqueness of soil in Soave and the sheer beauty of Carmanere in the Colli Berici. Veneto is the ultimate wine destination in the fall.


positano in campania is a great italian wine region Positano in the Fall, Feudi di San Gregorio, Campania © l@mie

We know what you are thinking… Campania in the fall? Seriously? Yes! Not only are the temperatures still warm enough to enjoy the craggy beaches of the Amalfi Coast, but the crowds have also dispersed. That in and of itself is reason enough. But since we go a little crazy over wine around here, Campania is ideal to visit in the fall because it’s the perfect time to enjoy the region’s complex native wines. Aglianico pairs wonderfully with buffalo tail ragù and you cannot turn down a glass of Greco di Tufo when munching on succulent, creamy mozzarella. Oh boy, we’ve made ourselves hungry just thinking about it!

Now that you want to discover the best Italian wine regions in the Fall, let us help you create the wine experience of your dreams!