Amarone Food Pairing: Your Holiday Menu is Ready


Amarone Food Pairing: Your Holiday Menu is Ready

06 December 2018

Amarone della Valpolicella is one of Italy's greatest wines. Dry but not bitter, rich but not overpowering, powerful but full of elegance.

The Valpolicella area of the Veneto wine region is home to four unique styles of one, all based on the same blend of native grapes. Amarone della Vapolicella is arguably the area's most famous wine, and for good reason. This is powerhouse wine that will be sure to delight any Italian wine lover that sits down to your dinner table.

Tips, tricks, and tasting notes

We recommend sticking to a menu based on slow-cooked meats, braised cuts of beef and heartier dishes that can stand up to Amarone. Check out our five local food pairings, three wine notes, and two pairing notes to help you create the perfect Amarone food pairing! amarone food pairing infographic Amarone Food Pairing