Valdobbiadene, a land to defend


Valdobbiadene, a land to defend

29 March 2021

Valdobbiadene. This is the core identity of Col Vetoraz, a winery distinguished by its bond with the territory.

When Prosecco Doc production expanded to the plains, this winery from Valdobbiadene defended the borders of its traditions, bravely choosing to remove the word Prosecco from its labels and only keeping the term "Valdobbiadene", as stated by the disciplinary, to protect its ties to a territory that can boast over 800 years of winemaking experience.

This is not a mere tribute to its origins, but the proof of a profound respect for the hills of Valdobbiadene, which is also seen through the winery’s environmental choices that are increasingly founded on sustainability. A journey marked by concrete and nonconformist actions that have aimed to ensure the quality of their work, in terms of ethics and social impact. 


The controlled and guaranteed denomination of origin of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene (also simply known as Valdobbiadene) includes a hilly area of spectacular and very steep ridges crossed by lush vineyards. Equally distant from the sea and the mountains, it is located about fifty kilometers from Venice and the Dolomites. Since the 13th century, these hills have been the haven of the most cultivated and processed local variety, Glera. This grape has always been harvested by hand, considering the extremely steep slopes present in the area. 

Only fifteen municipalities, including the homonymous municipalities of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, are part of this natural amphitheater. A “canvas embellished by vineyards”, it enjoys a mild climate thanks to its protected location that is shielded from the cold northern winds and a soil rich in minerals: elements that endow Glera with the right freshness and elegance. The hills of Valdobbiadene yield iconic sparkling wines: the masterpieces of Venetian wine tradition that knowingly combine aroma and pleasantness, characteristics that have rightly made them known all over the world. Cartizze, one of the most noble hills in Italy, is also part of this territory: 107 hectares vinified to embody the highest expression of the local sparkling wine, which has also obtained its own recognition. All Valdobbiadene wines produced in Cartizze boast the mention Superiore di Cartizze, like Valdobbiadene Superiore di Cartizze Col Vetoraz, velvety and intense, with full body and aroma. 


Like all vineyard areas, the ecosystem of Valdobbiadene must be defended and preserved. More than 40% of the territory is still occupied by a dense forest of trees, whose roots protect the hills from excessive erosion and washout. To preserve biodiversity and safeguard its viticultural heritage, Col Vetoraz protects 25 hectares of woodland and 6 hectares of grassland. One hectare of forest can absorb up to 15 tons of dangerous emissions per year, while one hectare of grass can take up to 10 tons. Considering that all industries and households in Italy produce about 5 tons of Co2 per capita / year, we can confirm the absorption of harmful emissions produced by approximately 85 inhabitants.

Man’s impact on the vineyards must also be little. For years, Col Vetoraz has been applying an integrated defense protocol that aims to ensure that intervention in the vineyard is reduced to the bare minimum, with particular attention to safeguarding the microbiological balance of the soils through practices that avoid soil compaction. Asphyxiated soil has no vitality and is most responsible for hindering the plant's self-defense.

Attention to the environment continues in the cellar. The grapes are exclusively processed through physical and mechanical operations. The usual clarifying treatments have also been eliminated to fully respect fruit integrity. This allows the production of unclarified wines that are true ambassadors of their territory. The winery’s commitment to producing authentically expressive wines wines is best conveyed by its motto: «Producing who we are». And Col Vetoraz is Valdobbiadene.


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