There is a romantic adventure waiting for you


There is a romantic adventure waiting for you

24 January 2022

On Valentine's Day, surprise who you really love. Give a Wine Tour to one of the most spectacular regions of Italy and savor the dream of an emotion that cannot be forgotten.

Donate a wine tour with our vouchers.

Doing so is really simple. You can buy it directly from our site, choosing from dozens of different experiences and areas: the Langhe del Barolo, Franciacorta, Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene, Bolgheri and Tuscany. But also regions off the usual routes, which will conquer you: Irpinia in Campania, Agro Pontino in Lazio and the rolling hills of Emilia Romagna, rich in taste, history and simply fantastic wines.

I want to buy a voucher, how does it work?

Choose and buy your experience from dozens of options

Discover the experiences available on our website and buy the most suitable one: there are over 30 wine tours to discover the most famous wineries, the best starred restaurants and the most romantic resorts in Italy surrounded by vineyards.

Receive the voucher directly by email

As soon as the purchase is completed, you will receive the digital voucher in your inbox. Each voucher can be personalized with the recipient's name.

To leave, you have plenty of time!

From the date of purchase of the voucher, the holder will have a whole year available to carry out his adventure signed The Grand Wine Tour. And for anything, contact us, our team of experts is at your service for the best possible experience!

Buy a wine tour for Valentine's Day:
amaze those you love with the flavor of an experience!