Costa Arènte, handmade in Valpantena


Costa Arènte, handmade in Valpantena

13 February 2022

The Grand Wine Tour is pleased to welcome Costa Arènte, a splendid estate located on the "coasts" of Grezzana, in Valpolicella

The entrance to Costa Arènte, a splendid estate located on the "coasts" of Grezzana, a few steps from Verona, expands our wine tourism offer in Valpolicella, embracing the wines and the territory of Valpantena.


«La Costa» is the name that commonly identifies Costa Arènte: a reference to how the costa (which means “hill” in Veronese dialect) has an ideal location and exposure.

Situated halfway between Grezzana and Romagnano, the winery rests atop a ridge, at a height of 250 meters, with vineyards fanning out on three sides and a magnificent view of Valpolicella and Verona. A single area that stretches for 35 hectares, of which 17 are vineyards and the rest are woods and olive groves. The grapes grow on hilly slopes, including terraced ones that rise up to 600m.

Costa Arènte thrives in the charm of nature and breathes in the history of the nearby Villa Arvedi and Villa Pellegrini. The estate is enclosed within the marvelous microcosm of Valpantena, with its numerous trails for trekking, horseback riding or cycling. The production area is perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment. Despite its size, the drying loft is in perfect harmony with nature – shielded by stone walls and enclosed by a row of cedar trees – standing on a meadow sown with honey-yielding essences.


All vineyard operations are carried out manually. The grapes are harvested and processed by hand when the tannins are perfectly ripe. Production favors native varieties and is limited, due to the low yield and the typically artisanal management of the vineyard.

A choice that allows the quality of the grapes and the minerality of the soil, rich in calcareous marl and nutrients that guarantee high and constant level of acidity, to be transferred into the bottle, giving the wines a natural elegance and excellent aging capacity.

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