Bricco Rocche, a balanced Barolo


Bricco Rocche, a balanced Barolo

28 April 2021

We cannot make sweeping assumptions when we think of the Barolo hills. Here, every subtle nuance counts.

We cannot make sweeping assumptions when we think of the Barolo hills. Here, every subtle nuance counts.

Every single landscape, morphological and geological detail contribute to the diversity of the wines, whose “personality” must be recognized and interpreted by those who “cultivate” the vineyard and produce them.

Barolo wine can be produced in 11 municipalities in the Province of Cuneo, on a section of hills that, following the right bank of the Tanaro, from west to east, is roughly located between the city of Alba and that of Cherasco; while from north to south, it is found between the towns of Verduno and Monforte d’Alba. The hills of Barolo are ever changing. In Roddi they are gentle and winding, while they sharply rise in La Morra. The town of Barolo is the ideal center of the denomination: it is where the hills of Monforte d'Alba, to the south, branch off, as those of Serralunga d’Alba, located to the east. Both converge towards the inner part of the Langhe called “Alta Langa”: because, as you move away from the Tanaro and continue towards the Apennines, the average heights rise, the vineyards leave room to the woods and traces of human intervention fade.

There is another intriguing hilly ridge located between Barolo, Monforte and Serralunga d’Alba: Castiglione Falletto, where a marvelous Medieval castle stands. This is where Ceretto cultivates a small vineyard called Bricco Rocche. In Piedmont dialect, «Bricco» is the «top of the hill» while «Rocche» refers to the typical karst formation of these areas: deep chasms that expose ravines and reveal the bare hillside.


Bricco Rocche is unique for many reasons. First of all, it is a Menzione Geografica Aggiuntiva. This means that it is a delimited vineyard that is officially recognized by the «Barolo» denomination as a particularly prestigious plot for its incomparable winegrowing vocation. Also, Bricco Rocche is the smallest MGA identified by the disciplinary, counting an area of a little over 1 hectare. Lastly, Bricco Rocche is a monopole since the whole lot is exclusively owned by the Ceretto family, who vinifies it as a single vineyard: this means that the wine – Barolo Docg Bricco Rocche – is made with grapes that come exclusively from this vineyard.

Bricco Rocche is located in a perfect position: between 350 and 370 meters above sea level, with a south-east to south-west exposure. The soil is mostly made up of Diano Sandstones, layers of rocks formed from the compacting of sand, silt and clay from ancient seabeds, typical of the highest peaks in Monforte d’Alba. But what really sets Bricco Rocche apart is its central position among the hills of Barolo. This yields wines that tastefully combine the characteristics of the territory, season after season: fruit, power, aromas and longevity. Everything in Bricco Rocche expresses an extraordinary balance, almost as if this Menzione Geografica could “filter and retain” the best that the surroundings have to offer.

Like all Ceretto vineyards, Bricco Rocche is also managed in an organic manner, according to a specific company philosophy: to intervene as little as possible and allow each vineyard to express its true personality. Which, as we have mentioned, is enhanced by minute yet very important details.


Bricco Rocche yields a “complete” Barolo.  A wine characterized by the harmony between scents, aromas and tannins. Its flush and austere aromas fill the nose, bringing a dense but enveloping tannin to the mouth, and offering a vigorous, luscious and very long drink.

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