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65 €


Coppo Nizza Tour is the chance to deepen your knowledge about the newly born Nizza DOCG appellation.?
Exploring, promoting and consolidating the potential of Barbera have always been crucial elements of Coppo’s identity. In fact, Pomorosso, one of Coppo’s most renown wines, played a major role in revamping the international recognition of this variety since 1984.

The vineyards are located in the municipalities of Agliano Terme, Castelnuovo Calcea and Nizza Monferrato. Thanks to a process of development and enhancement of the vineyards in those three areas, Coppo created the Nizza Riserva DOCG Riserva di Famiglia in 1998, and the two new single vineyard Nizza DOCG wines, Pontiselli and Bric del Marchese, in 2017.

We are in the heart of the Nizza DOCG appellation, born in 2014 to represent a point of reference for Barbera-based fine wines.

    Tasting of 4 wines:

  • Pomorosso Nizza DOCG
  • Pontiselli Nizza DOCG
  • Bric del Marchese Nizza DOCG
  • Riserva della Famiglia Nizza DOCG

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