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Franciacorta Wine Tour

Franciacorta territory

Hillside vineyards, small historical villages, Medieval towers, castles, monasteries, Renaissance palaces and luxury villas. This is Franciacorta, a region rich in noble history. However, Franciacorta is also nature: the natural reserve of Torbiere del Sebino is a wetland of international prominence. Man-made beauty collides with natural beauty .

It is also Italy’s most famous sparkling wine production area. Franciacorta DOCG wine is Italy’s answer to Champagne.

The Franciacorta method for sparkling wine follows the principles of the Traditional Method, refermenting the wine in the bottle to create bubbles. It was the first Italian Traditional Method sparkling wine to gain DOCG status in Italy, in 1995, and has become an international heavyweight of sparkling wine. The wine is fruity, mineral, fresh, fine, harmonious and perfect for an aperitif or to drink with Italian cheese or fish; if you are a bubble lover you’ll drink it during the whole meal!