Inama is a family-owned winery that has been making wine for more than fifty years. Now being led by third-generation family members, the winery has a single vision: to make wines that are tru reflections of the territory and not dictated by style or trend.

Soave Classico is an exclusively hilly area east of Verona, originally formed by volcanic activity and was already a known wine growing area in the time of the Romans. An ancient variety, Grecanicum, was probably widely planted and has evolved into the local grape, Garganega.

In this impressive landscape Inama mainly produces Soave Classico with their flagship labels being Vigneti di Foscarino and Vigneti di Carbonare.

One of their most successful and innovative wines is the Sauvignon Vulcaia Fumé, a ‘volcanic’ sauvignon that is completely transformed by the terroir of the volcanic soils, entirely overpowering the traditional characteristics of the variety.

In the Colli Berici area, located in the southern region of the Vicenza province, the magma never truly erupted but did elevate the crust of the earth, creating gentle, undulating hills with calcareous marine and red clay soils.

Amongst the rural backdrop of forests and Venetian villas, Inama mainly grows a long-lost – and often confused for Cabernet Franc – local vine, Carmenere.

In addition to giving new life to this vine, which has recently been recognized as the Colli Berici Carmenere DOC appellation, the winery is elevating it with its famous Oratorio di San Lorenzo Carmenere Riserva.

For more than two centuries other Bordeaux varieties have dominated the vineyards of Colli Berici. Cabernet Sauvignon is made into the historic Bradisismo label (70% Cabernet, 30% Carmenere) and Merlot, which has vines that date back to 1964, is made into the legendary Campo del Lago label.

Vulcaia FuméSauvignon del Veneto IGT

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