Located in some of the most beautiful coastal areas of Italy, these wineries have become famous for wine tourism and wines that are capable of interpreting a personal bond with the sea.

Summertime in Italy means one simple thing: time to head al mare (to the sea). So we are bringing you wine to sea. These are a few of the best wineries by the seashore, with vineyards that overlook the glittering Mediterranean, and wines that taste of sun and sea.


marisa cuomo wine to sea

Furore vineyards, Marisa Cuomo, Campania.

Marisa Cuomo, known for “extreme wines” that are sons of heroic viticulture, is one of Southern Italy’s premier wineries. The pergola vineyards grow on steep terraces that overlook the Gulf of Salerno. It is a picturesque oasis of native vines varieties with over 100 years of history.

Over the last 30 years, founders Andrea Ferraioli and Marisa Cuomo, have dedicated themselves to Furore’s unique territory. The grapes grow clinging to the rocks and benefit from the happy marriage between the sun and the sea of the Amalfi Coast. From the recovery and breeding of ancient local vines, the winery has created a range of nine labels that have earned critical acclaim over the years. Their flagship is the famous Furore Bianco Fiorduva, a wine of an intense golden yellow colour with fascinating notes of salt and sweet apricot.

Why you should visit:

  • Visit the winery and its pergola vineyards that overlook the sea
  • Experience a harvest on the Amalfi Coast
  • Enjoy traditional Amalfitano dishes at the family restaurant, Bacco


poggio dei gorleri wine to sea

Poolside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Poggio dei Gorleri, Liguria.

You will find Poggio dei Gorleri located on Liguria’s famous Riviera dei Fiori, on the top of a hill that overlooks the glistening Gulf of Diano Marina.

Founded in 2003 by the Merano family, Poggio dei Gorleri Winery and Wine Resort is dedicated to producing Liguria’s native white wine varieties: Vermentino and Pigato. They have become one of Italy’s most important Ligurian wine producers thanks to a clear vision: give life to terroir-driven wines that are capable of recalling Liguria’s brackish lands at first sip.

Why you should visit:

  • Discover a thousand shades of Vermentino
  • Treat yourself to a wine-soaked holiday at the Wine Resort
  • Taste the gourmet cuisine of Poggio dei Gorleri’s restaurant


view of the sea from Lunae wine to sea

View of the sea from the vineyard, Lunae, Liguria.

Lunae was born in 1966 from Paolo Bosoni’s dream of giving voice, through wine, to his territory of Colli di Luni DOC, in Eastern Liguria near the Apuan Alps.

The winery is located in a historic farmhouse, Ca’Lunae, that has been beautifully restored in the local style and using local materials. The various buildings house the wine shop, Ca’Lunae Museum, tasting room and kitchen, and are surrounded by a vegetable and herb garden. Extending around the farmhouse are the estate vineyards, a verdant wave of green that washes into the sparkling blue sea, that are mainly cultivated with Vermentino. Lunae is considered one of Liguria’s top producers of Vermentino.

Why you should visit:

  • Tour the winery and taste Lunae’s wine
  • Discover the Ca’ Lunae Museum
  • Try local specialties

Wine to sea is wine to see this summer! 

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