Tips on best-loved tourist spots, insider travel destinations, Italian wine regions and fun activities all over Italy

Traveling to Italy is one of the top items on travelers’ bucket lists. And once that has been marked off, it’s “return to Italy.”

The country is so diverse, beautiful, and welcoming that it definitely merits return trips. Italy has only been a country for a little over 150 years, in fact, and each region, city, and town proudly has their own identities and histories that have formed over the centuries. This cultural richness is still apparent today.

The tried-and-true destinations like Rome, Florence, and Venice are must-see spots. We certainly pay homage to them here with top sightseeing lists or where to find the non-touristy spots in the most popular cities, we also go beyond that.

We want you to see the less-trod paths of Italy. Discover the beauty in Italy’s dozens and dozens of wine producing regions, what activities to do and sights to see, and the stunning vineyard views (truly—UNESCO World Heritage in some cases, either obtained or on a waiting list). They always say that wine tastes better when you drink it where it’s made, and we agree that this is an experience everyone should have.