All secrets of the Italian lifestyle unlocked: from Italian traditions to fashion events and living the bella vita

The Italian bella vitamyth or fact? Both, actually. Living in Italy and visiting Italy each have their moments of great beauty and, well, frustration.

We love the relaxed Italian lifestyle, the warm welcomes of her countrymen and women, their impeccable sense of fashion and style, and all the traditions that make her beautiful, rich, and fascinating.

But we’re not turning a blind eye to everyday realities, either, whether you live here or are just traveling. Many of The Grand Wine Tour’s writers have unique, multicultural perspectives from extensive travels and life experiences, and that shows through in what you’ll read here.

So expect travel tips, news on events from the traditional to the fashionable, and all the customs that have made Italy alluring for ages, but also personal stories and accounts from everyday life—all with a touch of humor or reflection!