Explore the top winemaking regions in Italy for a taste of our favorite Italian wines, drinks, and more

Italy has been producing wine and drinking it as a daily beverage for thousands of years. Just in the past fifty, Italian wines have been gaining in quality, fame, and popularity.

A glass of local vino with lunch or dinner is about as quintessentially Italian as can be! Here, we’ll share fascinating stories about Italian wine, from the most famous to hidden gems, about the people who make them, and how to enjoy them.

Italy has the world’s most diverse number of native grape varieties, and its wines reflect that. Everyone can find something they enjoy.

The Bel Paese also has a fascinating and lively aperitivo culture—that moment of early evening right before dinner when one enjoys a drink and a few snacks. And in addition to wine, classic and uniquely Italian cocktails take the spotlight.

Finally, the craft beer scene has really been fermenting (excuse the pun) in the last decade, all throughout Italy, and it’s something we’ll definitely have fun imbibing in and giving our recommendations on what to taste and where to find it.