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Hostaria di Bacco Hotel & Restaurant


Via G.B. Lama 9, 84010, Furore (SA)

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Marisa Cuomo


  • 1 Family Room
  • 1 Economy Room
  • 2 Double Rooms
  • 2 Triple Rooms
  • 2 Quadruple Rooms


Air Conditioning & Heating, Television, Free WiFi, Minibar, Hair Dryer, Complimentary Toiletries, Weddings & Special events.


Cooking classes, Marisa Cuomo Vineyards & Winery Tours, lunch OR Dinner at Bacco Restaurant+ Marisa Cuomo wines pairing

Tucked between pergolas and terraced vineyards is Hosteria di Bacco, a charming hotel and restaurant in Furore on the stunning Amalfi Coast.

It was in 1930 when the “Hostaria” first opened, welcoming guests to the Amalfi Coast and the scattered village of Furore. Scattered because the cliffs are so steep that the village is dug out of the rock and lies on terraces and small plots of land. After more than eighty years, the Ferraioli family of Marisa Cuomo winery can proudly claim that the secret to Bacco’s success is their ability to pass down warm hospitality from generation to guest.

They believe that eating is a spiritual activity, so the cuisine continues to be real, genuine, inspired by the respect of standards and the careful selection of ingredients linked to the territory and the season. Scents of sea and mountains alternate in the dishes to delight the palate. The hard work of farmers and fishermen is the real star of the plates. The beautiful panorama, immersed in light and swept by the crashing waves below, makes the guests feel as if they were floating in mid air. The Hosteria features 8 rooms with private balconies and terraces that overlook this marvellous view.

Why you should stay

  • Traditional cuisine of the Amalfi Coast
  • Stunning seaside views
  • family atmosphere and welcoming ambiance