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October 2021

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34 €

Prezzo totale dell'esperienza

34 €


A journey dedicated to the discovery of Colli di Luni through four glasses and high quality gastronomic selections: wine and local productions blend together to represent a wonderful itinerary of taste, made of passion and desire to show our work.

Wines included in the tasting:

- Etichetta Grigia Colli di Luni D.O.C. Vermentino. Colli di Luni Vermentino D.O.C. It's the first varietal wine born in our winery, the result of profound research and experience acquired in the field. This grape variety offers freshness and great elegance, thanks to an attentive work both in the vineyard and in the cellar, so that these characteristics may express themselves in the best way, exuding floral and citrus notes.

- Albarola Colli di Luni Bianco DOC. (white). The label is from the vine variety of the same name, Albarola, whose grapes make up this varietal wine. The skillful work in the cellar enhances its characteristics, among which floral and citrus notes, freshness and surprising persistence stand out.

- Circus Liguria di Levante Rosso I.G.T. (red). This wine, born thanks to the rediscovery of local vine varieties, brings out great freshness and character. Massareta, Alicante and Albarossa find full expression in it, manifesting intense scents and fruity notes, supported by velvety tannins.

- Auxo Colli di Luni Rosso DOC. (red). It's our winery's classic blend, maintained and respected through the years. Sangiovese's character and refinement in big oak barrels give back intense scents of wild berries and spicy notes to this wine.

Food included in the tasting:

- Crunchy Campagnolo bread bruschetta with Extra Virgin Olive Oil "D’ORO", made with a very limited selection of olives from our land
- Crunchy Campagnolo bread bruschetta with Lardo di Colonnata I.G.P.
- Taggiasca olives
- Three typical Ligurian Focaccia
- Artisan vegetable preserves and
- Jams from the "Essentiae Lvnae" laboratory
- Cold cuts and cheeses from local producers: 1. “Prosciutta di Castelnuovo” Presidio Slow Food - Salumificio Elena e Mirco 2.“Salame Nostrale” - La Bottega di Adò 3.“Vergazzata di Colonnata I.G.P.” - Salumificio Giannarelli 4.“Fiocco” - La Bottega di Adò 5. “Bagiolo” - Cooperativa Casearia Val di Vara 6.“Formagella” - Azienda Agricola Cormezzano 7.“Pecorino affinato a Cenere” - Azienda Agricola Il Gradile 8.“Stagionato di Fossa” - Cooperativa Casearia Val di Vara

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