The Grand Tour was an extended cultural tour of Europe, especially in the 18th century, where Italy was the ultimate destination

Have you heard of the Grand Tours of Europe? The Grand Tour was an exploration of culture, most often in Italy, in a time when the world was much bigger. It was the undertaking of a huge journey. Boats crossed the Atlantic in five or six weeks, and a horse-drawn carriage took longer and was more uncomfortable, to say the least, than high speed trains.

The grand tour was for the privileged upper class, but that didn’t mean they had the luxury of hospitality standards or anything modern.

The Grand Wine Tour is an exploration of Italian culture through its most enjoyable element: wineAnd even though modern conveniences have made the world small, we still have a longing for a world that is bigger.

Take the road less traveled in grand style to make a small world big again: through vineyards and seaside towns, past castles and ancient abbeys, with Italy’s best food and wine in front of you.