The Grand Wine Tour

is a mark of excellence in hospitality distinguishing Italian wineries throughout the country.


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The Grand Tour: tourism during a much bigger world

The Grand Tour was a cultural pilgrimage undertaken by young people of means in a time when the world was much less connected than it is today. Travelling by carriage, and in some portions by foot, these tourists explored the cradle of Western civilization to learn about the art, architecture and culture of antiquity and the Renaissance. Italy was the final stop on the tour; as the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome.

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Why take the Grand Wine Tour?

Once, young aristocrats travelled to Europe for an extended experience of art and culture, called the Grand Tour, Italy was never to be missed. It was a gallant journey at a time when the world was much bigger. And while modern conveniences have made the world small, the Grand Tour still exists today. The Grand Wine Tour is an exploration of Italian lifestyle through one of its most iconic creations: wine.

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